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  • 13231
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  • DVD=113 min.
  • Nationality(ies):
  • South Korea.
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  • Korean.
A serial killer is loose in the city, leaving a trail of body parts that lead back to a beautiful and enigmatic artist called Su-Yeon. Hot on the scent is Detective Cho, a cop in the special investigative unit with his own demons to fight and a soft-spot for Su-Yeon. Taking it's lead from the ‘giallo' films of the 1970s and modern noir classics like ‘Seven', Tell Me Something is dark and brooding with a labyrinthine plot and a chilling modus operandus and while it's not of the calibre of other Korean thrillers – most noticeably ‘Old Boy' and ‘Memories of Murder' – it has enough to keep you hooked.
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