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JU-ON: THE GRUDGE 2 (2003)
Once again the mother-son supernatural tag-team of Kayako and Toshio are scaring the living day-lights out of anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path. When pregnant Kyoko, a budding Scream Queen actress, is in a car accident it looks like she has lost her baby, but visions of Toshio begin to haunt her and they increase in intensity when she discovers that she is still pregnant. Soon more victims are drawn into the gruesome twosome's supernatural snare when a documentary crew, led by Kyoko, enter the legendary haunted home of Kayako and Toshio for some late-night ghost-hunting. As is often the case with this genre the narrative is rather confusing and the disordered chronology takes a bit of concentration to unravel, it also fails to offer anything particularly new in terms of scares. That said, it's still pretty spine-tingling and has a few outstandingly squeamish moments (watch out for the birthing scene at the end!). An American remake is on it's way.
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