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  • 14277
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  • DVD=132 min.
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  • America.
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  • Yucatec Maya.
The Mayan Empire is at its peak, the last mighty roar before its cataclysmic fall, and there are no Central American people, however small and nomadic their tribe, that remain free of its murderous grasp. When his people are massacred and Jaguar Paw captured he, with the remnants of his tribe, begins a long and merciless journey to the Mayan capital, a place due to be his last, brief, bloody home. But the knowledge of the survival of his wife and child wills Jaguar on to become more than just another sacrifice to the Gods and, when an opportunity arises, he escapes. It is then that Apocalypto really finds its groove, escalating into one relentless chase movie, a breathtaking tear through the jungle towards freedom. Mel Gibson's fourth film as a director is brutal, bloody and oozing adrenalin.
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