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TAKEN (2008)
Bryan is an ex-government operative whose job title, whilst slightly unclear, had involved being able to kill anyone with just about anything. When Bryan's teenage daughter is kidnapped by slave traders he launches into a one-man mission to make them realise what a huge mistake they've made. 'Taken' is a balls out action thriller with a smattering of schmaltz (paternal love), some pretty reactionary viewpoints and some awesomely two dimensional baddies, just in case you were thinking of doubting they're unquestionable need to die. This was co-written by Luc Besson, he of the ‘all plots should be able to fit on the back of a Rizla packet' style of film making, but it's the action in 'Taken' that's the real star, incredibly well choreographed and in such relentlessly plentiful supply it makes the ‘Bourne Trilogy' look a bit sluggish.
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