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  • Thailand.
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  • Thai.
Ong Bak 2 (2009)
1421; the Kingdom of Ayutthaya expands east conquering Sukhothai. The noble Lord Siha Decho is betrayed by his Captain and is murdered together with his wife, the only survivor being their son Tien, who escapes to grow up feral in the jungle... Enough of the plot though, the real star is the marvelously choreographed martial arts; Thai Muay Boran, Japanese Kenjutsu, Indonesian Harimau Silat, Chinese Zuiquan, Wing Chun and Hung Ga kung fu styles and Chinese swordplay. The weapons used include a Ninjato, katana, jian, dao (sword), kilij, talwar, nunchaku, rope dart and three-section staff, though the star moment has to be Tony Jaa running along the backs of stampeding elephants, a trick he claims he learnt growing up in the padi! For those not in the know Jaa does all his own stunt work - no hidden wires.
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