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  • 16180
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  • DVD=110 min.
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  • America.
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  • English.
(8AM - 12PM)
8am-9am; President Taylor requests a woman's help and brings in a disgraced ex-President who may have leverage with the Russians, Jack and Rene take their leave of CTU and Chloe gets a promotion.
9am-10am; President Taylor's envoy persuades the Russians to return to the peace table, Jack goes to CTU to interrogate a nearly forgotten traitor and the President decides to talk to Jack there.
10am-11am; President Taylor faces impossible choices and, much to the dismay of CTU, she enlists a private security firm to complete a sensitive task. Meanwhile, Jack calls on Rick Vickers before embarking on a crucial mission.
11am-12pm; the media interview the peace delegates, Jack and Cole have gone rogue to rescue a traitor being tortured by out-of-order operatives and Logan gets President Taylor to approve putting his aide in charge of the manhunt.
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