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30 ROCK SEASON 3 DISC 2 (2009)

Episode 9: Retreat to Move Forward. Liz becomes an embarrassment to Jack when she accompanies him on a corporate retreat. Back at the show, Jenna and Frank sleep together, and Kenneth tries to scare Tracy into eating healthy.
Episode 10: Generalissimo. Elisa's grandmother hates Jack because he looks like an evil character in a telenovela. Meanwhile, Liz uses that character's underhanded moves to pick up on a sexy neighbour.
Episode 11: St. Valentine's Day. Liz has a disastrous first date with Dr. Baird on Valentines Day, Elisa makes Jack go to church with her before their date, and Kenneth gets a date with a blind woman.
Episode 12: Larry King. After an Asian economic meltdown, Tracy gives some irresponsible advice on "Larry King Live," and Jack and Elisa's relationship could be in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Liz tries to get her cell phone back from a cabbie who's blackmailing her.
Episode 13: Goodbye, My Friend. Liz launches a plan to adopt a baby from a donut store clerk, Jack talks Frank into going to law school, and Jenna tries to get attention for her birthday.
Episode 14: The Funcooker. Jack gets the writers to come up with a name for GE's new pocket microwave, Liz unsuccessfully tries to get out of jury duty, Dr. Spaceman gives Jenna pills to help her stay awake, and Tracy deliberately tries to get fined by the FCC.
Episode 15: The Bubble. Liz feels uncomfortable when she joins his unusually handsome boyfriend in "the bubble," Tracy decides to quit the show rather than negotiate a new contract, and Jenna tries to cut her hair for publicity and attention.
Episode 16: Apollo, Apollo. Liz is upset when she finds out that her ex-boyfriend Dennis slept with Jenna, Jack reminisces about his youth on the eve of his birthday, and Tracy prepares to go into space.

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