• Film ID:
  • 19756
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  • Running time:
  • DVD=170 min.
  • Nationality(ies):
  • Britain.
  • Primary Language(s):
  • English.

All six episodes of the BBC sitcom about three friends living in South London. When Donna (Sharon Horgan) dumps her dull-as-dishwater fiance, Karl (Cavan Clerkin), just before their wedding, it isn't such a big deal for her. It is for Karl, though, and the heartbreak, injustice and indignity of it all sends him spiralling into depression. With a new-found optimistic outlook on life, Donna moves in with her pals, Karen (Tanya Franks) and Louise (Rebekah Staton), sharing a flat in 'lovely' Penge, pulling men and getting drunk, sharing what should be the most exciting year of their lives. There's still heartbroken Karl to contend with, though. Just because you leave someone at the altar, it doesn't mean you don't care about them... 

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