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  • 2031
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  • DVD=101 min.
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  • America.
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  • English.
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Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern star as a yuppie couple on the verge of parenthood in this film from Brat Pack auteur, John Hughes. In what appears to be a self-conscious effort to stay relevant with the aging audience of his earlier ‘Crazy Kids' pictures, Hughes portrays the (ulp!) realistic problems facing millions of rich, white middle-class kids across America. What do we call our heir? What colour shall we paint his/her en suite bathroom? Blue or pink? How can Kevin spend more time with his family when he should be making a killing on Wall Street? How frilly a maternity blouse can Elizabeth McGovern get away with wearing? All these questions and more will be answered if you watch this nauseating, unconvincing romantic drama.
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