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  • 2046
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  • DVD=123 min.
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  • Hong Kong.
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  • Cantonese.
2046 (2004)
Chow Mo Wan is a man whose painful past has left him wary of love. Now committed only to a lack of commitment, Chow embarks on a series of affairs that promise to fulfil little more than his carnal desire. The majority of Chow's passion is devoted to his Science Fiction novel, a tale of characters travelling on a train to the future in order to reclaim their past. Set in the 1960s and following on from Wong Kar-Wai's passionate but ephemeral ‘In The Mood For Love', 2046 is a ravishing tale of love, loss and loneliness, full of vivid characters both mundane and fascinating. Visually striking and beautifully performed.
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