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ANIMALS (2019)

Two best friends, in a coming of age, finding their purpose within their own love story story. Helped and hindered with copious narcotics, alcohol and general partying. Based on the novel from 2014 of the same name by Emma Jane Unsworth. This film has some wonderful bits. If you appreciate some depth, and challenge, and at times a female Withnail and I / Fleabag'esk environment this will likely work for you. It is not without faults, meanders a little, but this does feel part of the story and not "wrong", but could be a little tighter. Holliday Grainger trying to look rough from intense partying is interesting as she looks annoying stunning mostly, but her performance and that of Alia Shawkat is really something, with some beautiful dialogue and heart squeezing performances. This is not an easy watch, although fun at times as it moves in a complex journey to the "coming of age". A worthy watch, and I suspect for the right person, a cracker.

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