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MONSOON (2019)

Kit's family fled Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam when he was 6 years old to escape the aftermath of the Vietnam-American war. Now he returns for the first time since where he meets Lee, an estranged second cousin, Linh, a Vietnamese student, and Lewis, an American clothing designer. He arranges an online date that turns into something more. Struggling to rediscover the country he never knew, he is able to discover friendship, love, and happiness on his journey.
Everything about Vietnam in this film is slightly edgy vibrant and totally authentic through a visitor's perspective, trying to make sense of the 'new' Vietnam both in Saigon and Hanoi. With the constant noise and chaos of motorbikes filling the audience's senses. The characters create the past and give air to the futility and crimes of war without attempting to allocate blame other than humanity's inhumanity to man. To a sad few this film will be viewed superficially as lacking story line and sex! but oh how that is actually the piece de resistance. Not everything was perfect and the American in Vietnam story line was weak almost to the point of cheesy but I still found something potent in this film.

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