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  • 7008
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  • DVD=93 min.
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  • Wales.
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  • English.
Not American at all, this adaptation of Edward Thomas's stage play is set in a small, grim, Welsh industrial town where it always rains and all the inhabitants are quite plainly deeply disturbed. Our heroes are brother and sister Sid and Gwenny, who enjoy an unnaturally close relationship. Mam is teetering dangerously close to the edge, little brother has been saddled with the name Boyo, (say no more), and Dad has scarpered to Kansas in search of the American dream. And who could blame him? This leaves Sid and Gwenny free to cruise the rainswept streets on a motorbike, labouring under the delusion that they are, in fact, living in a 1950's American road movie. Ploddingly pretentious, but it looks and sounds great.
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