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  • 8655
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  • DVD=104 min.
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  • Britain.
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  • English.
A top-quality Brit flick, frighteningly well-observed and with a cast to die for. Set in and around Camden, it follows six twenty-somethings on the eternal quest for true love, or at least great sex! Danny (Douglas Henshaw) finds his marriage to Hannah (Catherine McCormack) in tatters after just 30 minutes when he discovers she's been shagging the best man, and accidentally ends up in bed with frumpy fat bird Marey (Kathy Burke) after the ensuing booze bender. Then there's lesbian Emily Woof, obsessive Ian Hart, rebel without a clue Jennifer Ehle, and slippery Dougray Scott, who slips one to the newly separated bride, so to speak. And so it continues for the next two years! A must for anyone who's ever had a relationship that didn't work.
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