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Happy Gilmore (Sandler) is a life-long ice hockey fanatic, but his skating's wretched, his temper short and his one talent's a thundering slap shot that's as liable to hit the spectators as the net. While the home of his beloved grandma is being repossessed by tax officials he discovers his power shooting lends itself to a 400-yard golf drive, so, hoping to rescue grandma from a diabolical nursing home, Happy goes on the Pro Golf Tour, hindered by his putting, his short fuse and the jealous attentions of smarmy favourite Shooter McGavin (McDonald). Given that the chief pleasure of Dugan's film is watching a maniac on golf greens, a liking for the sport is incidental to the enjoyment of this immensely silly film. And, while it may be dumb, the film-makers refuse to force the fact as funny in itself, relying instead on well-drawn characters, goofy slapstick, cartoon violence and occasionally inspired dialogue. The result falls somewhere between early Steve Martin, the Marx Brothers and a Looney Tune. This is superior slapstick comedy.
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