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HEART (2007)
In the opening scene a blood drenched Maria (Reeves) staggers through a graveyard clutching a dripping paper bag. This is in fact the finale, and the rest of the film is told in flashback, beginning with Gary (Eccleston), an intensely jealous husband, whose paranoia stresses him in to having a massive cardiac arrest. After receiving a heart transplant, Gary becomes obsessed by the boy whose heart he now has. When Maria (the boy's mother) spookily turns up on Gary's doorstep, we get the impression that she has an even greater obsession with her dead son. Having witnessed the beginning, you know it's all going to end in tears, but this is creepy compelling stuff and the climax is truly heart stopping. With its sharp dialogue and psychologically complex characters, this has the look and feel of vintage McGovern (Cracker, and The Lakes). The Direction is superb, as is the, largely, British cast. If you missed this at the cinema, which considering its limited release is highly probable, and if you like unusual thrillers, this is definitely one to watch!
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