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Iron Giant is based upon a story that Ted Hughes told his children following the death of their mother, Sylvia Plath. Set in 1958, it is a lyrical tale about a giant metal machine that falls from the sky and frightens a small town in Maine. A lonely boy, Hogarth, befriends the kind-hearted alien and, hiding the giant from his mother, teaches him to communicate. The greatest threat, however, comes from the military who are out to destroy this metallic threat to wholesome America. The animation may not be up to Disney standards, but in such a referential work this only adds to its charm. In fact, the robot is the only computer-generated element, which helps underline his remote intergalactic origin. With its subtle irony; comic book references; cold war subtext; and referential nods to other movies, 'Iron Giant' is too sophisticated to be passed off as a 'kids' movie' and deserves to be watched by all. It will make you laugh, cry and think - an absolute joy!
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