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  • English.
A remake of Terrence Rattigan's 'The Winslow Boy' by David Mamet. A boy, accused of stealing a five-shilling postal order from the navy, had his innocence only determined after a lengthy court battle which, at the time, caused a media sensation and put his family under enormous stress. Mamet moves the real story forward so that the sister, Catherine, can be a suffragette and the lengthy legal battle can be played out with the First World War looming on the horizon. The emphasis of the play is with the father, who wants 'right to be done', and whose health visibly deteriorates as the court case drags on. Stoically sharing his torment are his wife and the suffragette daughter Catherine. All hopes rest with the celebrated barrister Sir Robert Morton, who, to everyone's surprise, takes the case. A great adaptation, wonderfully acted!
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