Subscriptions to and Postal Rentals from 20th Century Flicks

Triple Bill Postal Service
At the bottom is a link to let you rent via post. It costs £12 for 3 movies including postage. Let us know which 3 you'd like via or leave a message on 0117 9258432 and we will post them to you. We'd like them back after a couple of weeks if possible, but if you can't let us know and we can work something out! If you are local and are able to pop to the shop, call or email us and ask about our "Catflap Service"

You can also buy Flicks gift vouchers that can used to either rent movies or hire our cinemas HERE.

To rent by post send us £12 via Paypal for 3 movies and contact us when you know what you'd like!

Or, if you can't find a practical use for us you can support the video shop by subscribing below. Any monies paid will be added to your membership for use in the future!
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