The first in Yasujiro Ozu's Noriko trilogy which culminated in probably his best known work Tokyo Story. Late Spring centres on the story of a young Japanese woman, who sacrifices her dreams of independence to remain a faithful and dotting servant to the needs of her family, and in particular her father. An exquisite and tenderly observed tale by a director now regarded as one of 20th Century cinema's greats.


If on this side of the Atlantic the image of American college ritual Spring Break remains something of a caricature of wanton debauchery, this is unlikely to be altered by Harmony Korine's film, a lascivious story of four WASPish girls whose mid-term holiday descends into a hazy nightmare of booze, promiscuity and guns. The neon-hued aesthetic and dreamy ellipses both suggest Michael Mann directing an episode of Jersey Shore, but it's never clear whether this is all late capitalist satire or outright voyeurism - more likely both, in which case its directionlessness and lack of human interest in his two-dimensional characters may well be the point. (JB)


Ferris is a cute boy: very, very cute. One day he fools his parents that he's ill and then takes off for a really wild time on the town, pursued by the school headmaster. One of the best teen comedies of recent times. A hit and deservedly so! Why haven't you seen it yet?

A pukka adaptation of Graham Greene's wartime thriller as a regiment of German paratroopers, disguised as RAF Engineers, infiltrate a remote town, but suspicions gradually arise amongst the townsfolk. Housewives find themselves killing the enemy with an almost hysterical relish and any film that includes Thora Hird as a flighty seductress has to be worth watching. Tense, realistic drama with a cold and brutal depiction of wartime subversion. Superb.
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