A painfully funny political satire, cunningly disguised as a high school comedy. Irritating overachiever Tracy Flick (Reese Witherspoon) is a self-satisfied, single-minded dynamo, and the number one candidate in the forthcoming student president election. But Jim McAllister (Matthew Broderick) has other ideas. The popular but weary teacher, apparently undergoing something of a mid-life crisis, decides Tracy's a power-mad bitch - the embodiment of all that stinks in America - and she must be stopped. Criminally ignored in the last round of Hollywood back-slapping, this sharply-scripted, shrewdly observed comedy is biting, black and brilliant. See it!

Tim Robbins wrote, directed and stars in a film that exposes very cleverly the underbelly of US politics. He plays the charismatic Roberts, a right-wing "protest" singer, whose views begin to capture the nation's interest. Sinister machinations abound behind the scenes, and the documentary style works well. Funny too!

A landmark in the history of the cinema; it was ranked Number 1 in the American Film Institute's 100 greatest films of all time in two polls (1998 and 2007) of more than 1,500 film industry movers and shakers and again by UK directors in a BFI poll. "Citizen Kane" narrates the rise and fall of a newspaper tycoon driven by a childhood obssession and is loosely based round the life of William Randolph Hurst, who tried to have it banned, but incorporates elements from the lives of other fat cats ilike Harold McCormick, Samuel Insull and Howard Hughes. Unique in technique and narrative structure, there is enough innovation to keep a film student writing for................. If you only ever watc
For those of you not in the know this is a brilliant satire on a bunch of totally cynical New Labour twats, incompetent elected officials and a bunch of muddling bureaucrats. Capaldi is superb, as the PM's foul mouthed attack dog enforcer (Alistair Campbell), as our politicians conspire with both hawks and doves in Washington in the fumbling build-up to a major war to grab oil in the Middle East.
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