April, 1922; four unlikely ladies, two disgruntled wives, a snobbish widow and an aloof aristocrat, have together rented a castle in Italy. Here the idyllic setting ignites the spark of friendship and the ladies soon discover how wonderful life can be. A gem of a movie.
An ex-Hutu army officer, sentenced to death during the Rwandan genocide for his moderation and marriage to a Tutsi, tells his tragic tale, 10 years own, from the vantage point of his hate-inciting brother's trial for his part in the events. With unflinching flashbacks we watch in horror as events unfold, the mass murders, rapes and the bodies. Sometimes in April also reflects beyond merely the horror itself and wonders, with justifiable accusation, at the arms selling duplicity and irresponsibility of supposedly more "enlightened" nations.
April has not long escaped the joyless suburban nest of her family, and to prove her independence she invites the clan to her New York flat for Thanksgiving. What could be an opportunity to ease a scratchy relationship with her dying mother begins to look increasingly doomed when April is forced to acknowledge she can't actually cook and the oven doesn't work anyway. As the arrival of April's jaded family looms, in desperation she calls on her hitherto unknown neighbours for help. Pieces of April is a witty and intelligent indie comedy drama, perfectly performed and refreshingly uncomplicated.
Nanni Moretti, the director of "Dear Diary", sticks with his favoured format of part fact, part fiction in this riotous comedy documentary. Torn between making a film about the imminent birth of his first child, or the state of Italian politics, or a Trotskyist pastry chef, Moretti extravagantly decides to combine all three! And why not?
April arrives!
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