An ageing bachelor reminisces of the long hot 1900 summer of his youth. Leo is 13 and a guest at a grand home in rural Norfolk, where he becomes a go-between in the love affair between the daughter of the affluent country family and a local farmer. An absolute cinema classic successfully adapted from Hartley's novel of the same name, a powerful and beautiful tale.
Thomas Hardy's classic tale of a rural landowner chased by three men, a swashbuckling army womaniser, a loyal shepherd and a staid middle-aged bachelor, and her making a choice she lives to regret. Nicolas Roeg's beautiful cinematography of the West Country dominates the film.
Married, and living in Ontario, for almost 50 years septuagenarians Grant and Fiona's commitment to each other appears unwavering, but Fiona has Alzheimer's disease. As her condition deteriorates the mutual decision is made that, for her own safety, she needs to live (and die) in a specialist nursing home. Once there, though, she 'forgets' Grant and transfers her emotions to an elderly male sufferer. Heartbroken Grant woos the old lady, but she remains emotionally distant from him. It is on meeting the wife of Fiona's new 'boyfriend' that options open for Grant, can he live life alone or will he be better off with a new companion and just the memories of a healthy loving Fiona?

A father is haunted by the death of his young child. Omens point to disaster and hallucinations predict the future as this wonderful atmospheric film moves to its disturbing climax. Shot in the beautiful city of Venice and based on the book by Daphne du Maurier.

July, Christie...
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