M. Hire lives a lonely apartment block existence spying on Alice, the girl in the opposite flat, learning every detail of her life and nurturing his desire. Then one night he learns something he shouldn't, and they begin an erotic affair that ends in tragedy. A fine psychological thriller.
Stylish horror about a bunch of modern day vampires who've really got it sussed, they sleep all day, and spend all night enjoying wild sex, mind-blowing drugs and hip music. Sounds like most of the people I know!
Byrne's bizarre and funny tribute to small town Americana. He narrates a strange journey through Virgil, Texas via the strange characters therein. John Goodman is typically funny but it's the variety of musical and comic interludes that flesh things out. Brilliantly observed and achingly funny.
Two best friends leave their Arkansas town for a weekend break, but become fugitives before crossing the state line. As the police get closer the friends grow farther away from the women they were when they first left town. Their hair comes down as they take to the fugitive life but they grow ever out of control of their own situation. Wrongly hailed as an anti-man flick upon its original release, this feminist classic has become a landmark in the history of film. Davis and Sarandon were dually nominated for Best Actress.
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