Wayne was perfectly cast as the dying gunfighter disturbed in his dotage by young tyros out to test their mettle against him. Beautifully shot in cold blues and greys, this classic evolves slowly into one of Wayne's finest and, as it turned out, his last role.

The lurid lives and personal demons of the debauched, narcissistic, spoilt children of a Texas oil magnate all bathed in lurid technicolor. Self-destructive wild child Marylee wants to get it on with playboy alcoholic brother Kyle's best mate Mitch, while Kyle's marriage to executive Lucy begins to crumble and he suspects her of having an affair with Mitch.... They just don't make em like this no more.

Bogart and Bacall, the legendary lovers, make their first screen appearance together in this tale of smuggling and survival. Bogart plays a cynical American expariate skipper who undertakes a dangerous, political mission to raise money for his girlfriend.
Grace is on the run, and in the small backwater town of Dogville it would seem she has found some safety. But the town's inhabitants are not so understanding when the Mob turn up looking for the errant outsider and as Grace's former saviours begin to turn against her she sets in motion a string of events that may leave the townsfolk of Dogville rueing the day she ever entered their lives. Dogville is the latest from the master of mainstream experimental, Lars Von Trier, a dark, hypnotic, visually ravishing tale - despite the lack of conventional sets, or indeed conventions as a whole. Breathtakingly relevant to the world we live in and its increasing moral ambiguity, the film addresses the c
Lauren Bacall
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