Luke Skywalker and Han Solo must save Princess Liah and the galaxy from the evil Imperial forces. This is a spectacular revamp of the original film featuring improved visual and sound effects. Arguably the best science fiction film to come out of Hollywood. A must for children of all ages!!
Mexican sisters Maya and Rosa work as cleaners in an LA office block and, after meeting with an impassioned activist, they realise the abuse of the corporate system. They organise a series of protests against their employers and before long are leading a campaign that has caught the city's attention. "Bread and Roses" is based on the real life 'Justice for Janitors' battle and, as you would expect from director Ken Loach, is a powerful and affecting story about the angered voice of the underdog, which never loses sight of the humour and tenderness prevalent in even the most difficult of situations.
Stewart is superb as the young Wisconsin senator put up to the job, who then exposes the corruption in the Senate and upholds true American values. Popular wish fulfilment served up with such fast talking comic panache that you don't have time to question its cornball idealism. A great film!
Made almost contemporaneously with the 1930s setting, this authentically portrays the poverty and repression of the migrant 'Okies', evicted from their dustbowl farms and treated like slaves in California. Adapted from Steinbeck's book, often called 'THE Great American Novel' and with outstanding performances coming from Henry Fonda (Tom Joad) and John Carradine (John Casey) a preacher with a fondess for vice, but a true heart... fantastic.
The Force Awakens!
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