A brilliant reworking of Alice in Wonderland by surrealist Czech filmaker Jan Svankmajer. Alice, the only human in the film, falls into a terrifying Wonderland populated by animated puppets and full of truily bizarre visuals; she changes size, becomes her own doll, when the White Rabbit loses his stuffing he simply secures his gaping chest with a safety-pin and eats the sawdust, eggs crack to reveal skulls, rolls sprout nails, steaks crawl..... but the very best scene is definitely the tea party with the Mad Hatter and March Hare. Surreality at its best.
Elwood's sanity is brought into question when he starts seeng a six-foot rabbit. His family however are more concerned with the effect it is having on their social standing, and make moves to have him committed. A brilliant farce and deservedly famous film. Puts the C in classic. Charming.

Animated film that pre-dates the latest animal rights concerns and could give young children nightmares for weeks! A family of frightened rabbits are environmentally evicted and forced to cross dangerous uncharted territories in their search for sanctuary and a new home. A real tear-jerker!

Hailed as the best film debut since Eraserhead, Donnie Darko's instant cult status and mainstream success are well deserved.
Mad March Hares
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