A psychological drama/romance about a brother and sister, John Cassavetes and his real life wife Gina Rowlands are brought together after she looses her husband and daughter. Two very different people in a loving, but tense relationship seeking to rebuild their lives.
Compelling and harrowing account of the seemingly inconsequential events that lead to the break-up of a marriage. The jump-cuts and nervy, claustrophobic performances are typical of Cassavetes. Bleak and superb.
A quirky, clever and charming movie from rookie director Anderson, who flies in the face of convention by making the hero of this high school-based comedy a slightly geeky academic who's anything but the all-American kid. Max Fischer is a brilliant but mixed-up scholarship kid at the Rushmore Academy, with a frenzied timetable and an uncanny knack of baffling both students and teachers alike. He attracts the attention of Blume (the superb Bill Murray), a rich, bored, middle-aged parent, apparently going through a second adolescence, who decides to become his sponser, and the pair develop a fascinating relationship. Things begin to sour, however, when Max falls for his widowed teacher, only

Life is crazy. You're crazy, I'm crazy, we're all crazy. We're all a little bit Minnie, and a little bit Moskowitz. Sometimes it does seem best to be sensible...but then what might you be missing out on? You gotta be you. You don't have to park cars and semi-randomly yell at people, but you can't hide yourself behind a veil (or dark sunglasses) and pretend and act like everything is okay. And sometimes, you really do have to throw caution to the wind, because why else are you alive? I'm not going to 'rate' this love compared to Cassavetes' other movies, because they are

Seymour Cassel: 1935-2019
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