Italo-American comedy that follows the unlikely good-fortune of Frank Pesce Jnr. on his lifelong winning streak. Lady luck saves him from the mob, avoids conscription, and takes him to the final of the state lottery. The only thing is his family's luck goes from bad to worse. Enjoyable.
A touching and beautiful film for which Cher deservedly won Oscar for best actress, and which scooped two other Oscars into the bargain. Cher is the widow who is engaged to a wimpy Italian, but finds herself falling in love with his hotheaded brother. A stunning and funny portrait of New Yorkers.
Haunted by violent and disturbing visions which threaten his sanity, Jacob Singer becomes desperate to find the cause of his ostensible demise into madness. A tremendously dark and atmospheric piece of work - a thought-provoking must for lovers of the unusual.
Small time gangster Louis's son has taken over the family restaurant and turned it from traditional fare to a successful trendy nouvelle cuisine outlet. We follow the conversations from tables of diners, art critics, gangsters, police, predatory females et al, and the work force, both up and downstairs, all against a smart thriller backdrop. Altmanesque, brilliant and gastronomic.
Danny Aiello 1933-2019
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