Sweeping romantic drama of epic proportions. Fiennes's WWII pilot lays badly burned and in the care of an army nurse. As the unnamed, stiff-upper-lipped "English Patient" begins to recover, memories emerge of a past life as an archaeologist/cartographer in the Sahara, and a passionate affair with a married woman, Katharine. Though Anthony Minghella's adaptation of Michael Ondaatje's novel simplifies, jettisons and changes certain elements of the original story, it remains a rich, complex, entrancing piece of work. Part poignant romance, part suspenseful adventure, part enigmatic mystery, it's essentially a study in different responses to love and war, honour and betrayal, nationality and ide
Epic adaptation of Fenimore-Cooper's novel of the Anglo-French war for sovereignty of the Americas. Lewis is superb as Hawkeye, the adopted Mohawk caught up in the battle because of his love for English Rose Stowe. Beautiful scenery, wonderful costumes and non-stop action that never lets go.
A magic bit of sci-fi from Uncle Walt Disney. David, 12-years-old, falls down a ravine and when he comes around he's still 12 years old, but eight years have passed! This gives him problems relating to his parents - and just how is this connected to the UFO that NASA have just captured...?! A sort of Back to the Future meets Big. Ace.
An FBI spy infiltrates a gang of surfers suspected of a series of bank robberies. As he becomes more attracted to their lifestyle, cracks begin to show in his cover, and so begins an adrenalin-charged battle of intrigue on land, and in sky and sea. Incredible surfing and sky-diving sequences. Great!
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