We follow the everyday travails of a group of WW2 French resistance fighters in Marseille, including their engineer leader and a middle-aged woman who sets up anti-German attacks without telling her husband or daughter, as they do battle against the occupying Nazis, collaborators and traitors in their own camp. This tense and atmospheric classic, based partly on Joseph Kessel's novel and partly on Melville's own experiences as a resistance fighter who later escaped France to join the Free French forces and who was hence ideal to make this film which, as well as being an ode to the resistance, has all the trappings of a great gangster movie.
Tasteful tale of illicit longings in Edwardian England, sumptuously adapted from EM Forster's novel. Wilby gives a sensitive portrayal of the high-class homosexual searching for fulfillment in the face of prejudice, while Grant succumbs to the pressures of society. Beautiful period romance set in the early 20th Century..

This is a stunning cinematic interpretation of the classic story of the big-nosed bard and his unrequited love for Roxanne. A riveting and powerful performance from Gerard Depardieu with such superb rhyming subtitles, by Anthony Burgess, one almost forgets the movie was made in French. The action is enthralling, the cinematography fantastic, the movie entertaining; a must see film if you enjoy poetry, romance, humor, action, suspense, period pieces, aesthetically pleasing images, theatre, French, English, large noses, good movies or any combination of the above.

Isabel goes to Paris to see her sister, but when she arrives Isabel finds a deeply depressed and jilted sibling. Determined to make her a happy bunny once more the two of them rampage across the Parisian party scene in a meeting and greeting frenzy. Le Divorce is a comedy that sadly does not quite meet the standards of post-modernism it aspires to. Fairly enjoyable nonetheless.
Pierre Lhomme 1930-2019
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