Five years to the day after his wife Ellen disappeared in the sea after a plane crash, lawyer husband Nicholas has her declared legally dead, remarries and sets off to Monterey with new wife Bianca. The same morning, Ellen arrives home after being rescued by the Navy from a desert island and follows to try and prevent the honeymoon developing further. Nick, still in love with Ellen, is delighted to see her but finds he still can't break the news to Bianca, while Ellen equally hasn't got round to telling the children she is their mother. Could get complicated. —Jeremy Perkins

Brad and Jan share a phone line and as a result develop a hatred for one another. But when Jan falls in love with a handsome Texan she has no idea it could be the same man. The combination of Technicolor and fifties kitsch makes this a dazzling comedy. The premise of the film is a reversal on 'You've Got Mail' although the technology is rather dated here! It's a simple but lovely comedy that is perfect for a rainy afternoon. Party phone lines may be a thing of the past but the split screen effect used during the phone conversations has become much more commonplace.
OhtheDeadwoodStageiscomin'upoverthehill (fortissimo). Doris, bless her, belts her heart out as the pistol-packin' tomboy who has to clean up her act when she falls for Wild Bill Hickock. Much spunkier than 'Annie Get Your Gun' and with better tunes, most notably 'Secret Love'. A fine musical comedy.
A hollywood biopic of legendary horn man Bix Beiderbecke with Kirk Douglas in the title role, miming over a dubbed soundtrack. The soundtrack is the thing, plenty of tunes for fans, with the story being told in flashback in a bit of a melodramatic style. Great title though!
Doris Day: 1922-2019
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