A love triangle between three women develops when a Professor of English arrives at a farm outside of Reno to wait for a quickie divorce. A highly aclaimed drama and a wonderfuly romantic movie, whatever your sexual orientation with a great 50's soundtrack.
Brilliant, moving, funny and beautiful, a truly wonderful film. Bates is superb as the frustrated Alabama housewife, liberated by Tandy's tales of her childhood memories of the irrepressible Idgie and the demure Ruth. Their adventures will enchant and delight you. WATCH THIS FILM. Best of the year!!
Bliss`s mother would love 17-year-old Bliss to enter the genteel world of beauty pageantry, but Bliss has other ideas...
This is `Bend It Like Beckham` relocated to Austin Texas and football replaced with female only Roller Derby, a full blooded physical contact race round a roller skate track. And it`s in this hardcore arena, in which Bliss has to learn fast, that catalyses her coming of age as revealed in relationships with boyfriend, family etc.
Quality - check it out.
On the Oregon Trail in 1845, three couples travel in covered wagons with duplicitous guide Stephen Meek, but as days pass, and water remains elusive, Emily laments that "he's gotten in over his head." Meek insists that relief lies around the next ridge, but that never becomes the case, the group's bond frays further when a Cayuse Indian locks them in his sights. Always attuned to the rhythms of nature, Reichardt has produced a meditative take on the Western genre that is more enigmatic than most. A beautiful, minimalist vision of harsh times.
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