After the euphoria of their first victory the gang find themselves stung with a bill for damages to the city that leaves them bankrupt. Fortunately for our spectral detectives there's an ancient evil tyrant whose making plans for a comeback and before long the Ghostbusters are fighting to save the fair settlement of New York from the other worldly all over again.
A film adaption of the Greek myth of Perseus and his quest to battle both Medusa and the Kraken monster to save the Princess. Brilliant family entertainment studded with gem-like cameos from the likes of Olivier and Ursula Andrews who really know how to make an epic performance larger than life. Great!
Undoubtedly one of Hitch's best. An innocent businessman is mistaken for a spy by enemy agents and learns the true meaning of persecution, while a deceptively beautiful blonde in the pay of his tormentors steals his heart. A tense and compulsively gripping nice-guy's nightmare. Obligatory viewing.
Treachery and deception in this classic film noir as various groups of low life characters try to lay their mits on the ancient treasure. Sam Spade is the honest fall guy. One of the best Hollywood films ever and certainly one of the best of its type. Initiated the move away from gangster movies.
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