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3 IRON (2004)

Certification15 Our Rating

Tae-suk is never short of a place to stay, and every place provides a revelation, none more so than the house of a rich business man. Tae-suk enters the homes of strangers while they are away, stays for a short time, leaves the place immaculate and then moves on, but in this house he discovers Sun-hwa, the abused wife of its owner and in a break from his solitary existence Tae-suk decides to take her with him. 3 Iron is a ravishing tale of romance in both its execution and imagery. Tender, restr find out more...
OLD BOY (2004)

Certification18 Our Rating

A young married man with a baby girl is inexplicably relieved of his freedom one drunken night. Just as inexplicably released fifteen years later he is given some money and a mobile. His family now gone his only contact is the nameless, faceless voice on the other end of the phone that sets him the task of discovering the reason for his incarceration. Taken in by a young woman, love blossoms almost immediately for the two, but as he draws closer to the truth her life becomes increasingly threate find out more...
RING (1998)

Certification15 Our Rating

A group of teenagers watch a mysterious videotape and within a week all are dead, their lifeless faces frozen in complete terror. Enter deeply cynical journalist Reiko, unable to resist the now legendary myth, and finding herself drawn into a world of unimaginable horror and fear. Ring is a genuinely frightening movie, no post 'Scream' irony, no knowing sideswipes at the genre, just a chew your nails to the bone slice of terror. find out more...