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Certification15 Our Rating

A film adaption of the Greek myth of Perseus and his quest to battle both Medusa and the Kraken monster to save the Princess. Brilliant family entertainment studded with gem-like cameos from the likes of Olivier and Ursula Andrews who really know how to make an epic performance larger than life. Great! find out more...

CertificationU Our Rating

Evil stepmother Zenobia has turned Prince Kassim into a baboon... so Princess Farah, Sinbad and his crew set off on a magical adventure quest, first to find an alchemist (Doctor Who to those of the right generation), who sends them on their way to Hyperboria to an ancient pyramid where Kassim can be cured, but they are secretly being stalked by Zenobia and her coterie. On their voyage Sinbad and his crew encounter a trio of ghouls, a killer wasp, a giant walrus, a troglodyte and a smilodon. Th find out more...
TROY (2004)

Certification15 Our Rating

The classic tale of the epic war waged between the Greeks and Trojans is condensed into a two-and-a-half-hour movie. Helen, the belle of Troy, is convinced by pretty boy Paris to ditch her old home with Menelaus in Greece for the chance of true love and a life with the Trojans. Menelaus is not so easily dumped though and sends an army of thousands to go get her back, his star soldier being Achilles, a man with Godly good looks and a special move that allows him to pretty much kill anyone without find out more...