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This may seem like a radical change of direction for director David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Eraserhead, Blue Velvet) but look closely and you'll still see signs of his trademark eccentricity in this quirky little true story. Veteran stuntman Richard Farnsworth plays crabby old bugger Alvin Straight, who, wanting to visit his ailing brother, sets off on a 300 mile journey through several American states on a lawnmower. Yes, that's right, a lawnmower. And that really is about it. There are no plot twists or serial killers, just a few people - some odd, some perfectly normal - who he chats to about his life along the way, and the absolutely worst thing that happens to Alvin is when his hat blows off. Gentle, hypnotically relaxing and beautifully filmed, this has to be the most unusual road movie ever made.
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