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19 Christmas Steps
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Opening Times: Unfixed for the time being! Usually Dave is in 4ish til 7ish pm, Monday to Thursday and PG is in Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday daytimes. Phone or email to check!.
To find us here's a map. You can follow video shop news on Twitterand Facebook and Instagram.
20th Century Flicks and Accessibility
The shop is on Christmas Steps, a historic, cobbled pedestrian street in the centre of Bristol. There are 22 steps up to the shop from Colston Avenue and 25 steps down to the shop from Colston Street. There is a loading bay at the bottom of the Christmas Steps on Colston Avenue which can be used as a parking space to drop off or pick up movies from the shop The steps are uneven and there isn’t a handrail. This is because the street is historical and listed and can’t be changed! In the shop we have chairs for customers We have a urinal and a toilet at the shop. There is one step to the urinal and 5 to the toilet. The shop can be very busy on Saturdays, the weekdays are much quieter

Home Rentals
All of the movies available for home rentals are listed online on the website In the shop, you can browse the website on the computer, browse covers in the category folders or ask staff to guide you through the collection. All new releases are on display on the shelves to the left of the door. It will be possible to get subtitle information for a specific movie if you email or phone. It may take us a while to reply if the information is on the disc and not on the database We can facilitate postal rentals of all movies except new releases, use the form on our website or pay over the phone for this service. We will also bring movies to you if you can't make it up or down Christmas Steps, though please phone or email ahead to minimise your wait.

Kino and Videodrome Hire
There are 6 steps up to the seats in the Videodrome You can choose the volume level You can choose to have the lights on or off You can choose to have subtitles on, if the disc has them In the Kino there is a fan and in the Videodrome there is air conditioning.

1. Children up to the age of 18 will only watch age appropriate films
2. Children up to the age of 18 will not be left unsupervised at 20th Century Flicks

3. The staff at 20th Century Flicks are responsible for:
● Sharing the Code of Conduct with the parent or carer booking the space
● Maintaining a safe and clean environment in the shop
● Supervising the other adult customers in the shop
● Ensuring that other adult customers are never left alone with children in the shop

4. Parents and carers who book either of the spaces at 20th Century Flicks are responsible for:
● The safety of all children in their group
● To supervise the group of children whilst they are in the shop and screening rooms
● To ensure an appropriate number of parents and carers are in the shop supervising the group
● To be aware that other groups and rental customers will be in the shop at the same time
● To ensure that groups, including supervising adults, do not exceed the capacity of the room
● To ensure all children using the toilet are safe and supervised if necessary
● Arranging the collection of children after the screening
● Having consent and contact details of the parents or carers of the children in the group
● To ensure the group of children use the space appropriately (e.g. not climbing on chairs)

The BFI 100 (2012)
The AFI 100 (2012)
The European 100 (2014)
The Family 100 (2012)
The "Go 80's!" 100 (2012)
House Recommendations For Watching in the Kino or Videodrome